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Fitness Equipment

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Fitness Equipment,our company is able to provide the fitness equipment at wholesale price which is pretty cheap.The equipment is professionally designed for people who need the assistance to do exercises.Someone is to lose weight while others are for keeping shape or gaining muscle by doing relevant exercises.With the scientific design,it is easy to operate with excellent results and comfortable using experience.sssssss
  • Massage Stick
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    Massage Stick

    This Massage Stick is a massage device for health massage. It has vibration and heating functions to effectively reduce fatigue and pain caused by exercise and mental stress. Its beating function penetrates muscle tissue to effectively relieve pain. Its weight is concentrated on the massage...
  • Massage Ball
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    Massage Ball

    This Massage Ball is made of high quality PVC material, so it is flexible, safe and comfortable. It attaches the ball to the ordinary spherical surface, so it can also massage the hand points better in the hands. It is used to trigger point massage, relaxation exercises, hand treatments and...

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