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Furniture Accessories

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Furniture Accessories,our company is able to provide the furniture accessories at wholesale price which is still cheap.The products can be divided into many kind, which is able to ensure the stable and excellent performance of the furniture.It is small,portable that it is easy to carry and transport.And it is lightweight,however,it is practical which plays an important role in the installation of the furniture.sssssss
  • Sealing Strip
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    Sealing Strip

    This Sealing Strip has a good seal, shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dustproof, fixed effect. The production materials used in this product are new materials developed in recent years based on the introduction of foreign technology and domestic independent...
  • Adjusting Adhesive Pad
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    Adjusting Adhesive Pad

    This Adjusting Adhesive Pad can be widely used in machinery, plastics and metals, health care equipment and toys, so it has a major impact on production and life. It mainly functions as shockproof, non-slip, insulating, sealing, fixing and beautifying. It is made of high quality rubber, so it...
  • Square Nail
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    Square Nail

    This Square Nail is a good furniture accessory, its use can make your furniture life more comfortable and safe. It can be used to fix furniture without affecting the aesthetics of the furniture, as it is small and has a neat design. The top of the nail is plastic to facilitate your installation...
  • Toilet Lid Hinge
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    Toilet Lid Hinge

    This Toilet Lid Hinge is suitable for toilet seats of most materials. Its sturdy nylon retaining nut does not corrode as easily as a metal wing nut, so it can be used for long periods of time. It has a simple design and therefore looks very beautiful in appearance.
  • Self Modifying Wire
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    Self Modifying Wire

    This Self Modifying Wire is suitable for fixing metal slats to steel studs. It is also used to secure corrugated panels to studs that are not pre-drilled on the steel plate. It can securely hold one to three panel thicknesses. The stainless steel used in its manufacture can be hardened by heat...
  • Hardware Products
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    Hardware Products

    The Hardware Products we produce are very suitable for everyday furniture use. They mainly consist of invisible curtain rods and door hinges. The invisible curtain rods we produce have good load-bearing capacity so that they can withstand a certain amount of curtain weight. In addition, the...

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