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  • 58 Silica Gel Dust Ring
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    58 Silica Gel Dust Ring

    This 58 Silica Gel Dust Ring has excellent sealing performance, so it is waterproof and leakproof to ensure its use. It can be placed at high temperature for heating, deformation, and no harmful substances. It has good tensile strength and has been specially tested and tested. It does not fade...
  • Solar Sealing Ring
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    Solar Sealing Ring

    When using a vacuum tube, this Solar Sealing Ring can be used to effectively prevent dust and foreign matter from entering the tank. When the inside of the silicone ring is corroded, it accelerates aging and leakage. Therefore, it is important to choose a product with good corrosion resistance....
  • Invisible Rod
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    Invisible Rod

    This innovative Invisible Rod uses an innovative invisible design that combines aesthetics and practicality. Use it to cover the entire window with curtains to make the room darker and reduce outdoor noise. It is made of high-quality aluminum, so its surface sparkles with beautiful luster and...
  • Ordinary Bolt
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    Ordinary Bolt

    This Ordinary Bolt is a simple part to prevent opening the door. It is divided into two parts, one with a rod and the other with an "eye". Usually a part of the shaft is fixed on the door or fixed on the door frame, and the position corresponds. It has the advantage of a simple structure, so you...
  • Spring Bolt
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    Spring Bolt

    The working principle of this Spring Bolt is that the bolt rod has a spring, and through the action of the spring force, the automatic rear locking pin head solves the difficulty of closing the original linear movable bolt to avoid the self-locking problem. This product can be applied to sash...
  • Tension Nail
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    Tension Nail

    This Tension Nail can be used to fix the peripheral corners in the ceiling installation. It is hardened so the nail is harder and stronger than a nail of this length. It can be used for corner mounting, ceiling mounting or venting window installation. It is ideal for nailing corners to dowels,...
  • Invisible Rod Nail
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    Invisible Rod Nail

    This Invisible Rod Nail has a good invisible design, so it is suitable for the installation of ventilation windows. In addition it is also suitable for shelves, beams, fireplaces, wall art, fireproof environments, radiator screens, phone support and hidden installations for all home...
  • Kong Sai
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    Kong Sai

    Rizhao Haiya Hardware Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various types of plugs, metal products manufacturers, the types of main HY-PH-012, HY-P-016,: HY-SHP-021, HY-SHP-023, HY-P-032, HY-P-018, HY-P-015, HY-P-014, HY-SHP-020, HY-P-017, HY-RHP-024, HY-SHP-022. Welcome to...
  • Kong Tao
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    Kong Tao

    Model:HY-HS-026 Name:Hole sets Size:8.5×6×4mm Unit Price:0.03
  • Door Stopper
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    Door Stopper

    This Door Stopper is a device that helps keep the door open. It is made of high-quality materials that prevent rust and corrosion, so it can effectively guarantee the beauty and service life of the product. It protects your walls from door impact and keeps the walls clean. Use it to achieve door...
  • Circular Magnet
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    Circular Magnet

    This Circular Magnet has high remanence, high coercivity, high energy, high magnetic anti-demagnetization. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion to ensure a good service life. It is available in a variety of common sizes. Its special size can be designed and made...
  • Hinge
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    This product uses a variety of different bearings, such as flats, washers or balls, to reduce the friction of the hinge as the pin moves against the knuckle. It is easy to install and requires no drill bits, so anyone can install it with a screwdriver. It has a much smaller central column than a...
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