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Rubber And Plastic Products

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Rubber And Plastic Products,our company is able to provide the rubber and plastic products at wholesale price that you can buy with cheap numbers.Just as the name shows,the products are made of rubber or plastic that it is durable and lightweight.Adopting all premium quality materials,this kind of products is resistant to wear and corrosion.Besides,it is convenient to maintain and clean with simple operation.It is a type of necessities in our daily life,which makes the daily life full of convenience.sssssss
  • Silicone Sealing Strip
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    Silicone Sealing Strip

    This Silicone Sealing Strip has a wide range of uses, due to its excellent performance, it has been used in automotive, doors, windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers and other industries. According to the requirements of different industries, our company has developed special seals,...
  • Three EPDM
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    Three EPDM

    This Three EPDM is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of a third monomeric non-conjugated diene. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties such as excellent UV resistance, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance,...
  • Sealing Ring
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    Sealing Ring

    The choice of materials for this Sealing Ring is important for its sealing performance and service life. Material properties directly affect the performance of the seal ring. Therefore, we have chosen this product to have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, weather...
  • Rubber Products
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    Rubber Products

    The Rubber Products produced by our company are made from natural and synthetic rubber as raw materials. When we make them, we usually use waste rubber or recycled rubber to ensure sustainable development.

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